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Winning! Interesting I’m working on Rufus Shinra cosplay right now. :) knew I had a connection with the guy! Lololol

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January 2014 Snow Cosplay shoot. Pictures by @Guykudo here on the Tumblr. Keri Nekomimi and Megan 2014. Cat ears by Yaya Han. MLP dress by Iron Fist Clothing. White wig by Epic Cosplay Wigs.




everyone needs a waving snail on their blog

i feel that if I scroll past this and don’t reblog it the snail is going to look to the ground and cry

that comment
im sold
gotta do it now

I’ve just been emotionally blackmailed by a cartoon snail.

Well, I have learned a valuable lesson today. The people I have met and stay connected with online, with one exception, all suck.

You’d think after 12 years of playing on the interwebs I would have learned this by now. But no. Hope springs eternal.

Moral of the story? People are terrible, and I think you all suck.

[Pippin: I didn’t think it would end this way.]
Gandalf: End? No, the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path… One that we all must take. The grey rain curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass. And then you see it.
[Pippin: What, Gandalf? See what?]
Gandalf: White shores… And beyond. A far green country, under a swift sunrise.
[Pippin: Well… That isn’t so bad.]
Gandalf: No. No, it isn’t.

May those who leave us forever reside in our hearts. The far green country is for you Lori. Princess is already there waiting for you.

"I will listen for your hoof beats in heaven."




Said No One Ever!

Said me, actually.  Why?
Those funny books and websites with Chuck Norris jokes? He sued them.
Chuck Norris has given thousands of dollars to the Republican party since before some of us were born.
Norris said that Obama being reelected would bring on “socialism or something much worse” and  "1,000 years of darkness".  Hmmm… that wording’s not problematic at all, right?
Chuck Norris vocally supported California Prop 8, saying, “[P]ro-Prop. 8 votes weren’t intended to deprive any group of its rights; they were safeguarding their honest convictions regarding the boundaries of marriage.” 
His good buddy Rick Perry (who only seems opens his mouth when he wants to piss me off) made Chuck Norris an honorary Texas Ranger ten years after the show was canceled.
He thinks schools should not allow LBGTQ students to participate in the Day of Silence.  Norris asks, "Is encouraging or teaching about homosexuality what our forefathers expected for the public education they founded?"
For Chuck Norris, promoting Christianity trumps freedom of the press.  "How abhorring it is when the freedom of the press is abused to demean the biblical God?"
So fuck Chuck Norris.

he also starred in a Zionist movie with a plot centered on him killing loads of racist depictions of Palestinians

Anastasia Dreamcast (It IS coming to broadway)














The Empress


I approve!

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

If anyone knows someone who will listen, I have a catkid that can use all the help he can get.


In which “Jenny” Bravo is sick of your shit

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